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What is OSS?

OSS (Operating System Support) is a unique and enterprise class operating system management solution that helps to use one computer to manage all computers with PC recovery to avoid virus affective, and data cloning to all computers to save system and software installation time in school computer lab, library, and enterprise training room, etc.

OSS is designed for corporate and classroom management which makes operating system and software management much easier, reduces the maintenance cost, and improves stability of computer systems.

OSS Concepts

Make user enjoy the freedom of personalised PC

User can enjoy the freedom of personalized PC user environment. IT administrator can enjoy full PC recovery functions and maintenance and avoid PC downtime. Academician can have a platform for teaching and learning. Management will save costs by tracking PC assets and understanding actual user’s behaviour.

Some Challenges in Computer Lab

  • It’s a tough work for IT staff to manage so many computers.
  • It’s really a big headache for teachers to deploy new applications and update software, waste too much time and too much cost on install, reinstall, and uninstall applications.
  • Students are difficult to concentrate on computer learning with the distraction of instant messaging and online games.
  • Teachers are difficult to grasp the computer teaching process and result without the centralized management of computer classroom.
  • School computers are facing increasing security threats from Internet.
  • Teaching software becomes more and more complex with a growing requirement on professional teaching software.

Some features of OSS

  • Rapidly deploy computer operating systems and required applications for all kinds of complex requirements.
  • Restart to restore to keep against viruses and malfunction to ensure Operating System security.
  • Prevent network risk to ensure smooth network.
  • Control student behavior to ensure the teaching result.
  • Monitor and make statistics of hardware and software in computer classroom.
  • Record computer activities and operation.

Top Technology Advantages

Add Clone

No matter whether the clients have operating system, whether the data are consistent. The add clone technology can unify the clients data..

Clone without limitations

No matter whether clients PC has operating system or not, the data is coincident or not, the disk partition had be protected or not, you can execute add clone

Multi-model cloning

A lab administrator is free to add any part of cloning. One can select Add effective clone, Full effective clone, every partition clone.

Partition Level Cloning

A lab administrator can select which system partition he/she wants to clone, this becomes very beneficial for multiple OS installation.

Assign IP and Name

No need assign IP's and name one by one to each and every client. OSS server automatically assign IP and PC name to clients.

Continuous Cloning

Sometimes cloning stopped for PC or network malfunctions during cloning process, you can continue clone from the break point next time.

OSS deployment

Quickly Deploy Teaching Environments

deploy OSS

Distribute OS and New Applications

Use one sample PC to deploy OS and software to all computers in 3 minutes, no need to install one by one. Transfer speed can up to 4-6 G/minute. That means it just takes few minutes to install Win7 OS and other applications to 100 new PCs as well as software updates. 40 minutes to transfer 170G data to all clients in lab.

Multiple OSS

Quickly Deploy Multi-channel OS

The one OS and multi-channel OS function allows administrator to create up to 1000 channel OS based on real OS (each channel OS can be installed different software for multi-OS purpose), and they will be protected and recovered automatically.

Peronal OSS

Virtual Systems for Personal Use

Teachers can create a virtual system based on real OS in 3 seconds and authorize students to use virtual system to install software and save data freely. It is an independent environment separated from public teaching environment. Only the virtual system can be created and deleted by the administrator and the creator.

Excellent Classroom Management

  1. OSS has program management and website management functions which can restrict using application and accessing Internet in client computers, and restrict students to play games, access Facebook so that students can concentrate on learning.
  2. Limit the client data-flow usage to ensure smooth/reasonable network bandwidth.
  3. Remote monitoring: Support multi-screen monitor, real-time view and operate client desktops.
  4. Device control: Can remotely restrict clients using device (U-disk, CD-ROM, mobile hard driver, etc.).
  5. Roll call: Remotely send roll call message to students to check absentees.
  6. Remote command: remote to operate client machine.
  7. Multi-account management: OSS allows creating multiple accounts with different functions for different administrators. Administrators can be assigned to separate the maintenance job.
  8. Classroom management in cloud: no matter teachers are in classroom, office or at home, they can remotely restrict classroom PCs surfing and software using, monitor, lock screen, send message /file to students, which is helpful for computer activities management in computer classroom.
OSS classroom

100% Protection

100% protection from security threats and get a safe work environment.

Just reboot your PC

No matter how your System is destroyed; either by virus attacks, deletion, formatting, modification, improper shutdowns, or software corruption. Which means, whatever happens during a lesson, a simple reboot will restore the machine to its original configuration (factory default).

Strong Protection

OSS provides intelligent active defence strategy to defend against all types of virus, bottom I/O interception blocks all kinds of virus attacks and destruction. All virus running on windows can be blocked, no need to install anti-virus software anymore.

Network and Program Usage Control

Limit the client dataflow usage to ensure smooth/reasonable network Restrict network/program access to avoid viruses caused by internet surfing.